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Are you Satisfied

Being denied the ability to use your crossbow until the last 10 Days of Northern Zone and 14 days of Southern Zone Archery Seasons?

Having to purchase a Muzzleloader Privilege instead of a Bow Privilege to use your Crossbow?
With the 200 lb. draw weight restriction that eliminates many recurve crossbows?

  With the minimum width restriction that eliminates the new reverse limb crossbows from Horton and Stryker because the widest point is not at the tip of the limbs?


Do You Believe


A Crossbow is another form of a Bow and should be classified as Archery Equipment, as it is in the majority of other states?


A Crossbow should be legal for all game, during all seasons, and in any location where Archery equipment is permitted?


A Crossbow should be permitted during the Youth Deer Hunt over the Columbus Day Weekend?


A Crossbow should be legal for Bowfishing?


A Crossbow should be legal in ALL Archery Only Areas?

New York Crossbow Coalition
Is NOT Satisfied Either!

2016 Legislative Session is Underway

2016 Legislative Session began January 6th. We are currently working on securing bill with language that would grant full regulatory authority over the the DEC.
This would give DEC full authority to:

Set season dates for crossbows
Determine what species crossbows are legal
Where crossbows would be legal hunting implements
Remove arbitrary restrictions on draw weight and width placed on them

What can YOU do to Help?

Write a letter to your Senator and Assemblymember requesting they support classifying crossbows as archery equipment
Call The office of your Senator and Assemblymember requesting they support classifying crossbows as archery equipment
Join, Renew or Upgrade your membership in New York Crossbow Coalition to strengthen our voice in Albany.
Get your crossbow enthusiast friends and family to contact their legislators and join NYCC.


Who Are My Legislators?

Not sure who your Assemblymember or Senator are?

Follow these links, insert your 911 physical address to find out and get their contact information.

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