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Congratulations Bob Cole of Rome
on Winning the Earlybird Crossbow Raffle!

Kevin Casey of Centerpoint Archery dropped off a Sniper Elite 385 while he was in Pulaski Salmon fishing.
This is our 2022 Early Bird Membership prize.
This Package includes crossbow, scope, 6) 400 grain carbon arrows, cocking rope and a Center Point Hat

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We have been asked by Legislators who are pushing for Full Inclusion of Crossbows and the removal of arbitrary width and draw weight restrictions to collect short Video Testomonials they can share with others in Albany.

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Please consider sending us a short 30 second video. List your name, where you live, how long you have been bowhunting and why you support including crossbows in archery season and arbitrary restrictions on width and draw weight.

Send your videos to or upload them to our dropbox account at
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Join or Renew your 2022 Membership Today and Help NYCC work to get Crossbows Classified as Archery Equipment!

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2021 Wall of Fame

If you are successful Hunting with a Crossbow in 2021, Please submit a picture for the NYCC Wall of Fame

Buck, Doe, Bear, Turkey, Coyote, Fox or any other animal?
Send a picture along with name and town where you harvested it and we will post it on our Wall of Fame. Pictures may also be used on our display at shows in the future and other advertising.

Submit pictures to

New NYCC Apparel

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Are you Satisfied

  • Being denied the ability to use your crossbow until the last 10 Days of Northern Zone and 14 days of Southern Zone Archery Seasons?

  • Having to purchase a Muzzleloader Privilege instead of a Bow Privilege to use your Crossbow?

  • With the 200 lb. draw weight restriction that eliminates many recurve crossbows?

  • With the minimum width restriction that eliminates the new reverse limb crossbows from Horton and Stryker because the widest point is not at the tip of the limbs?

  • Do You Believe

  • A Crossbow is another form of a Bow and should be classified as Archery Equipment, as it is in the majority of other states?

  • A Crossbow should be legal for all game, during all seasons, and in any location where Archery equipment is permitted?

  • A Crossbow should be permitted during the Youth Deer Hunt over the Columbus Day Weekend?

  • A Crossbow should be legal for Bowfishing?

  • A Crossbow should be legal in ALL Archery Only Areas?
  • New York Crossbow Coalition
    Is NOT Satisfied Either!