New York Crossbow Coalition was born on February 3, 2012 as a Facebook Group. Within a week there was tremendous support for the issue and in March 2012 we filed the paperwork and became an incorporated business. We moved forward and received our 501c7, tax exempt status on November 17, 2013.

Through our efforts in Albany in 2014, we were influential in securing crossbow language in the Executive Budget that would have granted the DEC full regulatory authority over crossbows as legal hunting implements. Similar language was included in the Senate's Budget proposal but was absent in the Assembly Budget. Through the dedicated efforts of our membership calling and writing their legislators, NYCC was able to secure a compromise in the final Enacted Budget that gave New York its first crossbow season that included part of the early archery seasons. Best of all, it contained no sunset clause. Was it perfect, absolutely not, but it was a great first step in crossbow equality.

As a result of the efforts by our membership, we now have data from four safe and successful crossbow hunting seasons which helps our push for legislation to classify crossbows as archery equipment.

We are very proud of what we have accomplished in our the first five years and look forward to the day that crossbows take their rightful place beside long bows, recurve bows and compound bows in all archery seasons and archery areas across the Great State of New York without unnecessary and arbitrary restrictions that are presently placed upon them. That day is within our grasp!

But, we can not do it alone. Moving forward we must continue to organize All Crossbow Enthusiasts across New York into one cohesive voice. We need your help spreading our message and growing our numbers. Please talk to your friends, family, and coworkers. Explain to them the importance of membership in NYCC and encourage them to join. Each Full Membership helps us finance our efforts while increasing our voice at the table in Albany.

Together WE Will Succeed!