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I am writing to request your support and co-sponsorship of Senate bill 1386 (Gallivan) and Assembly bill 479 (Gunther) which would classify crossbows as archery equipment and remove unnecessary restrictions that were included as part of the 2014 law.  These limitations have not only limited hunters’ hunting opportunities but they have also limited the Department of Environmental Conservation’s (DEC) ability to manage the deer herd as they see fit. 

The over whelming majority of the NYS Sportsmen’s organizations and their respective members support DEC regulating the use of crossbows as a legal hunting implement in all seasons and for all game where archery equipment is allowed. Crossbows do in fact give handicapped veterans, the disabled, seniors, youth, and others an equal opportunity to participate in and enjoy an archery sport.  All hunters should have an equal choice and option of hunting seasons and archery implements regulated by the Department of Environmental Conservation during those seasons that allow archery equipment. 

The US Fish and Wildlife Service and the Archery Trade Association consider crossbows archery equipment.   In addition, there are 26 states that authorize crossbows to be used during the entire archery season alongside long, recurve and compound bows. 

Thank you for your consideration and I look forward to receiving your response.



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