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NY State Crossbow Coalition

Myth vs FACT

As passionate advocates for responsible hunting, we believe it is crucial to dispel any misconceptions surrounding this sport.

Through our website, we aim to provide accurate information and debunk any myths that may exist.

Join us on our journey to promote the safe and ethical use of crossbows for sports hunting.

Together, we WILL succeed!

Myth: Crossbows Shoot Like Guns, They are too Powerful and are Superior to Compound Bows

FACT: The speed and trajectory and energy from a crossbow is similar to compound bows. No archery equipment compares to the the power or performance of a firearm.

Myth: Crossbows have a short range.

FACT: Some crossbow models have comparable effective ranges to compound bows. Technological advancements have led to increased speed and power in modern crossbows.

Myth: Misleading statements about Wisconsin Crossbow harvest affecting the harvest numbers.

FACT: Crossbows became legal with the 2014 archery season. Total archery harvest the year in 2013 was 87,682. Total archery harvest 2018 was 87,632. Data shows a segment of archers are switching to crossbows.

Myth: Crossbows are not accurate

FACT: Crossbows can be highly accurate with the right setup, accessories, and skilled users. Proper maintenance and sighting are crucial for accuracy.

Myth: Crossbows are too easy to use

FACT: While crossbows may seem easier for beginners, achieving proficiency requires skill, practice, and understanding of various factors like distance, wind, and shot placement.

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